Meet Jamie Denison, Kayak Angler Solutions Prostaff

Jamie Denison, Kayak Angler Solutions ProStaff

Jamie Denison is a North Carolina native who currently resides just outside of Nashville, TN. His Father fished competitively and as a young boy Jamie quickly felt that competitive drive and learned both fresh and saltwater lessons. In 2013, Jamie fell in love with fishing from his kayak and switched from tournament fishing out of a bass boat soon thereafter. Although he enjoys fishing for all species, his competitive nature often finds him fishing for the elusive Black Bass.

Once Jamie switched to kayak tournament fishing he quickly found his niche for the sport while competing on the regional and national level. It didn’t take long before Jamie got his first Kayak Bass Fishing win, making him want more…

Jamie is proud of the accomplishments he has made in the competitive kayak fishing industry. Jamie is thankful for friends, family, and sponsors that have supported him thus far understanding he has not done this alone. He is also a hard worker and a family man who understands the bigger picture in life which is why you will often find Jamie respond with his favorite line … “just fishing.”

Career Highlights

  • 2017 KBF Angler of the Year

  • 2018 KBF The TEN Champion

  • 2018 KBF Challenge Series Champion

  • 2018 KBF Trail Series Champion

  • 2018 1st place KBF Gate City Classic

  • 2019 2nd place KBF Pro Tour Championship

  • 2019 3rd place KBF Challenge Series Championship

  • 2019 4th place KBF Trail Series Championship

  • 2019 Member of Team USA in the Inaugural Pan-American Games

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