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Fishing from a kayak lets anglers go where boats can't and that is where the advantage is! At Kayak Angler Solutions, we’re dedicated to capturing the perfect kayak fishing experience through our innovative products and our trendsetting solutions.

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Kayak Angler Solutions, LLC

No other fishing experience can compete with a great day of kayak fishing. At Kayak Angler Solutions, LLC we are committed to sharing our passion for kayak fishing with our clients. We design and build tournament ready products as well as provide industry leading products that will enhance your kayak fishing experience.

When you need kayak fishing products that tournament winners trust, go with Kayak Angler Solutions. With years of experience in kayak fishing across the United States, our team has seen it all and caught it all. We’re confident we can help you experience kayak fishing at its finest when you get in touch with us today.

Custom Power-Pole and Motor Mounting Systems

The moment when you launch your kayak in the water you are playing a game of strategy. Much like a chess game. You're not only competing against other anglers but also against the fish, weather, and the water. Every decision you make will determine how the outcome of your day will be. Fishing, especially tournament fishing is a game of strategies. How will you play the game? Let Kayak Angler Solutions give you the advantage you're looking for so that you can say "Checkmate!" at the end of your day.

Built for Champions

The industry-leading products and solutions you’ll discover at Kayak Angler Solutions were developed for champions - by champions! There’s nothing better than finding the perfect kayak fishing experience, and that’s why we love what we do.

Our Products

We provide a wide range of kayak fishing products aimed at helping you win tournaments. From mounting systems, eyewear, and rods & reels, we provide you with the options you're looking for at Kayak Angler Solutions, LLC.

Our Prostaff

Learn about the championship-winning team at Kayak Angler Solutions. With decades of experience kayak fishing all over the United States, it’s no surprise that our staff is what truly makes Kayak Angler Solutions so special.